Special Constructions

ISL Engineering has been awarded with important and varied projects, for the design of projects with heavy technical constraints which confirms its expertise in multiple business areas.


Nuclear installations and constructions, for which ISL has been sollicited for fifteen years by ANDRA, the French agency for the management of radioactive waste, for design and sizing studies in the framework of waste storage: Outdoor, underground or deep storage.

ISL has also participated in studies for EDF ( EPR Flamanville), the CEA ( Atomic Energy Committee – Fontenay aux Roses, Valduc), the IRSN (The French Institute for Radiological Protection and Reactor Safety) and Areva (protection of the Tricasin site).


Underground works, in addition to dam projects which often generate studies for underground works, ISL Engineering has contributed to project studies of several underground sites for the storage of liquified gas.


Project and execution studies of the constructions of Phase 8 of the CSFMA.


CIGEO, (Industrial centre for geological storage of HA and MA-VL waste) – Evaluation of the warming due to the heat given off by radioactive waste and its impact on the project.



THM (thermo-hydro-mechanical) behaviour modelling near storage cells for high-activity (HA) waste.