Navigation structures

Today, the question of transport and travel is at the core of territory development and attractiveness at all levels: local, regional, national and European.
The benefits of waterway transport are linked both to its traditional advantages (low cost, reliability, regularity, guaranteed transit time, the possibility of transporting heavy and bulky parcels, sometimes to town centres) and to newly valued qualities such as environmental friendliness.
Since its creation in 1986, ISL has been continually working on waterway and navigation constructions for different public or semi-public contractors.
For more than three years, ISL held  a framework agreement granted by the French Inland Waterways for the pre-diagnostics, diagnostics and technical assistance for the restoration of all constructions, canals, dams, locks, aqueducts, drawbridges, boat lifts, inland ports and tunnels in the French Inland Waterways network.