The Safety of Constructions

Of all civil engineering works, dam failure poses the highest potential risk of damage to life, property and the environment.  Dam security requirements are very strict and are present at every phase of the project: planning, design, construction and operation. Safety in the event of flooding or earthquakes, risk of instability in the foundations (internal erosion, liquefaction) - risk analysis and assessment are an integral part of our role as engineers. It is by contributing to industry and regulatory changes and by valuing best practice in the profession, that ISL Engineering has become the reference in the area of hydraulic construction safety.



ISL has developed a specific software tool designed to store and analyze the monitoring of dams in service. This tool allows for:

  • The development and management of a monitoring database
  • The visualization of a monitoring system and the measurement results
  • Statistics modeling which allows in particular for the analysis of constant conditions (correction of seasonal and hydrostatic variations, assessment of irreversible effects)

This tool is used internally for the monitoring of ISL constructions and has also been installed with a certain number of contractors.