The Taht Dam


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The Taht Dam

This is a new dam on the Taht wadi, in the province of Relizane, upstream from the SMBA (Sidi M’hamed Ben Aouda) dam. The selected project is an arch dam, 44 metres high on its foundations. The capacity of the reservoir is 7 million m3. The peak flow of the project is 1600m3/s.

Projet : 

The Taht dam project is a new dam project in Algeria in the province of Relizane. The ANBT (National Agency for Dams and Water Transfer) wanted to launch this project to ensure the supply of drinking water to the communes of Ain Farah and Oued El Abtal as well as irrigation of the Kechout perimeter.  The water catchment area of the dam is 770 km2, with average annual water supplies estimated at 16 million m3 and an estimated millennium flood flow estimated at 1600m3/s.


The selected project is an arch dam, with a spillway in the valley’s axis. This choice seemed to be the most competitive compared with other options, especially with a RCC (roller-compacted concrete) dam because:

  • The lack of space at the site and the magnitude of the floods make the integration of the temporary diversion difficult
  • The construction materials available are sufficient for the arch but not for roller-compacted concrete


Furthermore, the site’s geology is well adapted to an arch solution and less so to a RCC one.
The selected arch follows a logarithmic spiral. The moderate height of the arch led to the choice of a simple curve, with a vertical upstream face.

Mission : 

ISL conducted:

  • A summary of previous studies
  • A review of the geological and geotechnical study
  • A review of the hydrological study
  • Options study
  • Detailed preliminary draft
  • Tender documentation


The following particularities should be underlined:

  • To limit uncertainties about flood estimation, a geomorphological model was established in order to reconstitute the flow of previous major floods. This model combined a geological approach with hydraulic 2D modeling.
  • Several approaches were crossed for the dimensioning of the arch and it was finalized by elasto-plastic digital modeling with construction phasing modeling.
Le projet
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Agence Nationale des Barrages et Transferts
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