Strengthening the dikes of the Vidourle


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Strengthening the dikes of the Vidourle

Complete project management of the works to strengthen the dikes of the Vidourle.

Projet : 

The Vidourle basin is renowned for extreme precipitations which can affect it. Peak flows can reach 3000 m3/s. The course of the Vidourle was diked for approximately 40 kms downstream. The diked corridor crosses a vast plain between Nîmes and Montpellier. There has been significant economic growth and urbanization in the protected zone over the past twenty years. The dikes were unable to contend with the floods in September 2002 and December 2003. The breaches resulted in major floods which affected the urban centres of local towns (approximately 30 000 inhabitants). Following these floods, the SIAV (the Vidourle Intermunicipal Sanitation Authority) committed to a comprehensive development programme, which included, as a priority, the strengthening of the dikes in the urban areas of Lunel, Marsillargues and St. Laurent d’Aigouze. The works involved represent approximately 8 kms of dikes and were classed of public safety interest. In 2005, the SIAV issued a call for tenders to recruit a project manager with a lot per commune. The three lots awarded to ISL called for innovative approaches combining a high level of security and quality landscape and environmental integration. Works on the dikes of Laurent d’Aigouze and Lunel were taken over respectively in 2008 and 2010.Works on the Marsillargues dike are underway and will be finished in the summer of 2012.

Mission : 

ISL carried-out the following assignments:

  • Preliminary design
  • Assistance with regulations
  • The project
  • Visa for execution studies
  • Management of the work exectution
  • Assistance with the delivery of materials
Le projet
Pays/région : 
Syndicat Interdépartemental d’Aménagement du Vidourle
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