The Noailles Dike in the Vendée region

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The Noailles Dike in the Vendée region

Restoration of the Noailles dike, constructed after the flood in 1983, which protects the hamlet of Noailles in the commune of Champ-Saint-Père in the Vendée region.

Projet : 

The dike is in a dilapidated state, ovegrown with vegetation. The dike is located in a complex of marshes with the problem of protection against floods from the river (Le Lay) and from storm water which fill the protected valley. Preliminary studies show areas for improvement for securing the protection of protected areas:

  • Reduce the length of the dike by taking advantage of the natural geometry of the land, a third of the length will be removed for every 1000m retained
  • The development of a security spillway at the same level as an existing road
  • Protection of the riverbanks in the most vulnerable areas, where the berm is weakened
  • A progressive approach for the shrublands on the dike. The footpath is opened by the contractor and then the wood can be used by locals.
Mission : 

Complete project management and the setting-up of a water law file. Hydraulic modelling allows for the dimensioning of the security spillway. It is situated downstream and permits the valley to be moderately filled to avoid sudden flooding as a result of a breach of the dike in the case of overflow. Geotechnical calculations were carried-out to learn about the stability of the existing dike which has the particularity of being constructed with clay materials (marsh clay) which do not favour filling. Soft techniques for reinforcing the embankment were chosen (protective breaker).

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Syndicat du Lay bassin du Lay
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