Flood Forecasting Service (SPC)

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Flood Forecasting Service (SPC)

Formulae for rainfall run-off to help with flood warnings.

Projet : 

The objective of the study is the timing of “rain/flow” warning formulae with the SACHA tool at the following ten basins:

  • ILL amont (Altkirch station),
  • Lauch (Guebwiller station),
  • Thur (Willer-sur-Thur station),
  • Doller (Burnhaupt-le-Haut station),
  • Moder (Schweighouse-sur-Moder station).
  • Zorn (Saverne station)
  • Fecht (Wihr-au-Val station)
  • Largue (Spechbach station)
  • Bruche (Russ-Wisches station)
  • Mossig (Soultz-les-Bains station)


The assignment was carried-out in five steps:

  1. An analysis of available rainfall (daily and hourly) and hydrometric data
  2. An analysis of the basin and confirmation of the selected choice of weather station
  3. The determination of rains from the basin to retained outlets
  4. Setting-up of rain or flood case study events for timing (winter or summer rain, soil saturation, taking the snow into consideration)
  5. Timing and formula optimization using the SACHA tool
Mission : 

In order to respond to the objectives, ISL carried-out:

  1. An analysis of the rain spread across the territory
  2. An evaluation of rain in the basin from available data from rainfall stations
  3. An analysis of heights and flows from hydrometric stations
  4. Classification of flood events
  5. The timing and optimization of rain-flow models and statistical models
  6. Application of SACHA models for the establishment

In addition to the SACHA tool, ISL used the GESRES rain-flow transformation software to create case study events for a GR4 transformation (the CEMAGREF rain-flow transformation method with 4 parameters) and the statistical modeling software tool RESNEUR.

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