Cimate-Energy of the Pays du Mans territory

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Cimate-Energy of the Pays du Mans territory

Projet : 

Since 2006, the prerogatives of the Pays du Mans in terms of territorial planning have led it to question its ability to reduce energy consumption, reduce GEH emissions, produce renewable energies or even to question its vulnerability faced with climat change.
In the framework of the development of its SCoT, the territorial elected authorities chose to  adopt a “Grenelle” approach, aiming to integrate climate and energy parameters into its thinking.
In parallel to ScoT, the Pays du Mans, chose to lead the PCET, a programme of actions to reduce GEH emissions (or prevention of the effects of climate change) and to adapt to this same climate change throughout whole territory, its inhabitants and its activities.

Mission : 

ISL’s role consisted of a study with three sections:

  • Section 1: Assessment of the territory’s energy consumption and GEH emissions
  • Section 2: Estimation of the potential of the territory’s development of renewable energies
  • Section 3: Study of territory’s vulnerability to climate change

ISL implemented all its expertise in the climate and energy sectors, by using notably, the Bilan Carbone® and Climagri® tools, developed by ADEME and setting the benchmark for the preparation of   assesssments of the territory’s GEH emissions, for all the activities carried-out there: housing, travel and transport, consumption, waste, energy production,economical activities (industry, services, agriculture).
ISL also applied its knowledge of the different segments of renewable energy production (wind power, solar and thermal, hydroelectricity, geothermal energy, biomass) to estimate their potential in the territory.
Finally,using its cross-disciplinary expertise regarding these issues, its knowledge of the Pays du Mans territory, and the possible evolution of the climate in the coming years, ISL has evaluated the vulnerability of the territory and its activities to climate change.

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Syndicat Mixte du SCoT du Pays du Mans et Syndicat Mixte du Pays du Mans
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